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Re-Pointing Services

We offer expert re-pointing services in Tamworth and the surrounding West Midlands area.

All masonry buildings have one thing in common: mortar, the material that separates the individual units, whether they be brick or stone. The mortar’s function is not, as most people suppose, ‘to stick them together’, but to hold them apart — and to fill the irregularities on the brick faces. Gravity is the element that holds masonry together.

At some stage in a building’s life this mortar will show signs of age and wear, and will gradually become recessed and worn. The mortar ought to be softer and more porous than the masonry units and will consequently take the brunt of the weathering process.

It is, therfore, important to have your brick or stone work re-pointed at some stage and Tamworth Pointing are experts in this field and we can assess the amoutn of re-pointing necessary and provide you with a first class service.

Re-pointing will help protect your brickwork and make your building, wall or chimney look more attractive and last longer!

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